The Value of Forensic Psychiatry in Child Custody

The issue of custody is a difficult one for everyone involved. The decision about who will care for children, and to make decisions that will affect their current lives, will have a distinct impact on their entire life. A forensic psychiatrist often has a lot of weight in the final decision, because of their expertise […]

The Difference between Forensic Psychiatrists and Forensic Psychologists

The Difference between Forensic Psychiatrists and Forensic Psychologists Many people wonder what the difference is between a forensic psychiatrist and a forensic psychologist.  Psychiatrists are physicians who have received extensive training in the areas of mental disorders, their diagnosis and their treatment. Like other kinds of physicians, they can perform laboratory tests and prescribe medications […]

The Role of Forensic Psychiatry in Probate Law

While many people know the role forensic psychiatry can play in criminal cases, many are surprised to learn that it plays an important role in probate as well. Often, when an individual leaves behind a will, there may be questions about whether they were of sound mind at the time the will was written. The […]

Benefits of Forensic Psychiatry in Court

Benefits of Forensic Psychiatry in Court Just as other branches of the discipline of forensics have grown significantly in importance over the last few decades, forensic psychiatry has also come to the forefront as an important form of testimony in the courtroom. Expert witness psychology has also grown increasingly important for prosecutors and defense attorneys […]

Court holds that anxiety from possibly getting fired is an ADA disability.

This article by attorney Eric B. Meyer posted on the DRI (Defense Research Institute) LinkedIn page states that a federal court, remarkably, has recently held that the anxiety symptoms arising from fear of losing one’s job qualifies as a “disability” under the ADA (American’s With Disabilities Act). This certainly has relevance for forensic psychiatrists who […]

How Did Aaron Alexis Get a Security Clearance?

Comment by Mark Levy MD forensic psychiatrist & Medical Director at Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LP This is an excellent, comprehensive and balanced review of the behavioral issues pertaining to security clearance and how many of these were either missed or overlooked in the case of Aaron Alexis.One point I would add as a forensic psychiatrist […]

The Bubonic Plague and the Gunman and His 12 Victims Shot and Killed at the D.C. Navy Yard

According to the New York Times, 34 year old heavily armed Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people working at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard this morning, injuring others. As will happen once again, national hand-wringing ritual follows, trying to make “sense out” of the irrational. Pundits, including psychiatrists, will be asked to speculate on […]

Asiana Airline Crash at SFO & Recovery of Emotional Damages Under Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention, the successor international treaty to the Warsaw Convention, governs damages claims from injury on international carrier flights. Passengers who suffer severe emotional distress from an aircraft disaster cannot claim damages consisting of emotional injury alone – the psychological injury must “flow through” a physical injury. Ironically, relatives or the estate of a […]

Piano Dealer Gets 28 Months for Cheating Clients

David Kan, M.D. was the forensic psychiatrist who testified for the San Francisco District Attorney in this trial. He testified against the defense who was raising certain psychiatric issues on behalf of his client. The DA got a conviction. Thursday, November 18, 2010 (11-18) 09:03 PST SAN FRANCISCO — A vintage-piano consignment dealer in San […]

San Francisco Bakery Stabber Withdraws His Insanity Plea

In the recent trial of Scott Thomas, the S.F. Bakery Stabber, fpamed forensic psychiatrist, David Kan, MD, testified for 4 ½ days as a psychiatric expert for the prosecutor, Scot Clark, of the Office of the San Francisco District Attorney . Today, Scott Thomas withdrew his insanity plea. Read the full story on »

Mark I. Levy MD Quoted in ABC Health News Story – First Top 10 List for Antidepressants

Doctors Hope to Cut Out the Guesswork in Prescribing Antidepressants by Lauren Cox Mark I. Levy MD was quoted in an ABC Health News Story ABC News Medical Unit. When someone swallows his or her first antidepressant, it may come as a surprise how the psychiatrist chose that particular pill to prescribe: It’s a best […]

Assessing the Truth: How Forensic Psychiatrists & Psychologists Evaluate Litigants

Forensic psychiatrist Mark Levy MD and forensic neuropsychologist Ronald Roberts, PhD co-authored an article for San Francisco Attorney Magazine, Spring, May 2008. In it, they explain the process and methods used by forensic behavioral experts when conducting an evaluation of an individual as part of a legal proceeding.

Predicting Risk Tough, Despite Warning Signs

San Francisco Chronicle article quotes Dr. Levy.