When should you retain a forensic neuropsychiatrist as an expert witness?

By Nicole Brooks, MD fpamed Forensic Psychiatrist A forensic neuropsychiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in the interaction of neurology (i.e. brain, spinal cord, and nerve structure and function), psychiatry (mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders), and the law. This type of expert witness may be uniquely valuable in a variety of legal cases to […]

Video: The Criminal Brain

Why do some people live lawful lives, while others gravitate toward repeated criminality? Do people choose to be moral or immoral, or is morality simply a genetically inherited function of the brain, like mathematical ability? Research suggests certain regions of the brain influence moral reasoning. Dr. Octavio Choi explores how emerging neuroscience challenges long-held assumptions underlying the basis—and punishment—of criminal behavior.

Video: Dr. Octavio Choi presents Brain Basics: An Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Neuroscientific evidence is increasingly being encountered in the United States criminal justice system. This session will provide a concise and readily accessible introduction to human brain structure, brain function, and how structure and function are studied through modern neuroimaging techniques.