Growing and Managing Expert Witness Practice with Mark Levy, MD and Charles Saldanha, MD

From Connected!

On November 11th, 2020, we were joined by Mark Levy, MD and Charles Saldanha, MD, members of since 2005, for a really informative discussion on growing and managing your forensic #expertwitness practice. Doctors Levy and Saldanha started Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LP, in 2005. Dr. Levy had been a solo practitioner of clinical and forensic psychiatry for many years before he and Dr. Saldanha decided to partner and build a nationwide forensic #psychiatry and #psychology practice.

They now have a team of more than 15 psychiatrists and psychologists with highly refined areas of specialization, allowing them to focus on a wide variety of psychiatric and psychological claims.

Their expansive practice has allowed them to take on a variety of case types that are not always available to a small or solo practice. In fact, the larger operation has allowed them to take on multi-plaintiff litigation and multi-district litigation (MDL). When a matter arises that requires the evaluation of many different injured parties, they are equipped to logistically approach this type of lawsuit. As a result of their successful partnership, they were the perfect guests to join and share their experience in growing a practice. In this replay, you’ll find information on the following:

  • The variety of avenues Mark and Charles use to bring in new cases.
  • How they get in front of the right types of lawyers.
  • Online and offline marketing tactics.
  • Marketing budgets.
  • Adding staff members to handle billing, summarization, and contracting.
  • Use of digital case management platforms.
  • Guidance on retainer and engagement agreements.