The Value of Forensic Psychiatry in Child Custody

The issue of custody is a difficult one for everyone involved. The decision about who will care for children, and to make decisions that will affect their current lives, will have a distinct impact on their entire life. A forensic psychiatrist often has a lot of weight in the final decision, because of their expertise […]

The Role of Forensic Psychiatry in Probate Law

While many people know the role forensic psychiatry can play in criminal cases, many are surprised to learn that it plays an important role in probate as well. Often, when an individual leaves behind a will, there may be questions about whether they were of sound mind at the time the will was written. The […]

Benefits of Forensic Psychiatry in Court

Benefits of Forensic Psychiatry in Court Just as other branches of the discipline of forensics have grown significantly in importance over the last few decades, forensic psychiatry has also come to the forefront as an important form of testimony in the courtroom. Expert witness psychology has also grown increasingly important for prosecutors and defense attorneys […]

Expansion of Liberty Interests Under Parole Conditions: Beyond Anti-psychotics by Susan M. Meffert, MD, MPH, John Chamberlain, MD

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decided the case of United States v. Cope, 506
F.3d 908 (9th Cir. 2007), on November 5, 2007. At issue were the imposition of a lifetime of supervised
release and the special conditions of release.. Dr. Meffert discusses this case and the underlying issues.

Shrink in the Courtroom: Forensic Psychiatry and Law

by Mark Levy, M.D. This is the first in a series of articles about forensic psychiatry as it is utilized in civil litigation. In this article, I will describe how a forensic psychiatrist can be useful to trial attorneys in civil litigation whenever there are allegations of emotional damages. What Is Forensic Psychiatry? Forensic psychiatry […]

What Psychological Factors Drive Civil Litigation?

What Drives Litigation? How Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists Assess Motivation by Mark Levy, M.D., Forensic psychiatry and psychology is the application of psychiatric and psychological clinical knowledge and research to the practice of law where plaintiff’s (or criminal defendant’s) mental status is at issue. The forensic psychiatrist is an expert at making diagnostic and prognostic […]

What is Forensic Psychiatry?

Forensic psychiatry is the sub specialty of psychiatry dealing with the interface between psychiatry and the law. Forensic psychiatrists serve as consultants and expert witnesses for civil and criminal attorneys, the judiciary, government and non-government agencies, and corporations. Some are involved in treating individuals in correctional institutions or in mandated treatment settings. As a consultant […]