Determining Competence to Stand Trial: A Brief Breakdown by a Forensic Psychiatric Expert

By Steven H. Berger, MD fpamed Forensic Psychiatrist A person who is incompetent to stand trial cannot have a fair trial.  That is a basic tenet of our American justice system.  What is competence to stand trial?  How is it determined?  What happens if a person is found incompetent? In general, to be competent to […]

Off-Label Prescribing & Malpractice

Is Off-Label Prescribing Malpractice? By Dr. Steven H. Berger, MD fpamed Forensic Psychiatrist Off-label prescribing is malpractice if (1) the prescription does not comply with the standard of care and (2) the prescription causes harm.  The standard of care is unique for each patient’s situation.  A prescription being on-label or off-label is irrelevant to the […]